March 2016

civic innovation project founder & director advises united nations leaders at barcelona, spain experts convening

Recently, Civic Innovation Project Founder & Director, and Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Fellow, Lourdes German, was invited by the United Nations to advise leaders at  the convening held in Barcelona, Spain which gathered experts from Europe, Africa, and Australia to discuss what are the legal frameworks that will engender positive urban growth for cities across the developed and developing world.  To read more about the work Lourdes is supporting at the Lincoln Institute in connection with the Institute's selection as a leader of the Municipal Finance Policy Unit for the United Nations to help define the New Urban Agenda, click here.  

Microsoft recognizes civic innovation founder lourdes german as part of women's history month

Microsoft New England hosted several events showcasing the importance of digital innovation for communities, and Civic Innovation Project Founder & Director, and Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Fellow, Lourdes German, presented her approach alongside other innovators in government from the City of Somerville, City of Cambridge, the Code for Boston team, to members of Congress visiting Microsoft. To see our photos and recap of these events, and also read our latest news about our work with Microsoft, click here.  


The Civic Innovation Project is pleased to offer users of our innovation gallery access to online courses, at no-cost, via the edX platform. By presenting users of our innovation gallery with select online courses, available via edX, alongside technology resources and demos, we support individuals seeking examples of civic technology to advance data-driven decision making and citizen engagement in government with leading expert guidance.  Click here to see how we have integrated edX into our Civic Innovation Gallery

Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX is an online learning destination, offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere. With more than 600 courses, edX offers courses in computer science, engineering, date analysis, statistics, education, and more. A nonprofit, edX's mission is to increase access to high-quality education, to enhance teaching and learning on campus and online, and to advance teaching and learning through research.  Click here to learn more about edX.


Profiles in Civic Innovation is our series capturing the stories of creative and visionary leaders that are implementing grass-roots efforts at the forefront of the government innovation landscape. In this edition read about Mark Kim, the Chief Financial Officer of the District of Columbia Water & Sewer Authority (DC Water). Under Mark Kim’s leadership, DC Water was able to do what no other governmental body in America has ever done to solve a problem dating back to the 1800s by issuing 100-year Green Bonds. The invisible infrastructure that delivers water and sewer services to citizens across America is critically important, and financing the massive infrastructure that sustains these essential services requires creativity and a fresh perspective. Our interview with Mark explores his leadership role in introducing innovation that encompassed creativity in finance and governance that ensured the long-term financial sustainability and viability of water and sewer services for more 2.2 million residents in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia who are served by DC Water.   Click here to read the full Profile.


The Civic Innovation Project is focused on creating an environment that facilitates city-to-city learning with respect to innovation and emerging data-driven strategies for leaders of cities. We are pleased to announce that we are developing a dedicated section of our web platform that will feature municipal benchmark data from Morningstar, Inc. a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. 


CIVIC INNOVATION PROJECT FOUNDER, LOURDES GERMAN, honored by boston mayor martin walsh as an extraordinary woman

On January 7, 2015, Civic Innovation Project Founder & Director Lourdes German, who also serves as a fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, was appointed by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker to serve as the Chair of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Finance and Governance Board.  The Board is tasked with promoting transparency, public accountability and adherence to best practices within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from a governance standpoint for the State’s component units, and has a financial focus with respect investments, borrowing or other financial transactions made or entered into by state entities and involving public funds. Lourdes was appointed as a member of the Board in November of 2015. Read the full announcement and see our photo gallery of of the swearing in ceremony here. 

understanding citizen data in an election year

Northeastern University Alum, Jared Milrad, 


Jared Milrad is an actor, lawyer, and social entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in public service, community organizing, and civic engagement. Jared has starred in several films,  worked in The White House for President Barack Obama and on numerous political campaigns. He was featured in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign launch commercial - which received over 10 million views - and he's appeared in The New York Times, MSNBC, BBC News, and numerous major outlets worldwide. Jared is also the founder of a nationally recognized non-profit organization, Civic Legal Corps, which is supported by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, philanthropist Warren Buffett's son, Peter, and many others. Since 2010, Jared has raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars to support various social causes and progressive political campaigns.

Jared earned his law degree from Northeastern University School of Law, where he received the Alexander Gray Scholarship for service to the LGBTQ community. Jared earned a graduate degree from Tufts University, where he received the Presidential Award for Citizenship and Public Service, and he graduated with highest honors from North Carolina State University, where he delivered the Student Commencement Address, served as a Caldwell Fellow, and received the General Hugh Shelton Leadership Award of Excellence. 

Jared currently lives in Long Beach, CA, with his husband, Nate, and their adopted dog, Cooper.


recently convened experts from the legal, business, and academic community to discuss the "Puzzle of the Urban Core", and Civic Innovation Project Founder & Director, and Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Fellow Lourdes German, was pleased to present her work at this event and join experts who were brought together to surface fresh research approaches with the potential to transform cities across America facing the greatest urban challenges.  Check out our photo gallery and recap of this event here. 

expanding our innovation gallery

Our innovation gallery continues to expand, and now includes visualizations created with the resources from the HighCharts Company in Norway. This expansion allows us to offer tools and resources created with Java and CSS, in an interactive demo environment where users can see a finished visualization, and then click on multiple tabs across the top of the demo and see the code instantly, and link to HighCharts instructions to implement the resource and license the code for their own projects. Click here to see how we have integrated HighCharts into our Civic Innovation Gallery


Profiles in Civic Innovation is a Civic Innovation Project series capturing the stories of creative and visionary leaders that are implementing grass-roots efforts at the forefront of the government innovation landscape.  In this edition read about Dan Jackson and Jules Sievert, leaders of the NuLawLab, an interdisciplinary university innovation laboratory that is imagining, designing, testing, and implementing pioneering approaches to legal empowerment for communities across the globe and using student innovators to drive this mission forward.  Click here to read the full Profile.