February 3, 2016

empowering communities & citizens with CIVIC TECHNOLOGY: MICROSOFT POWERBI

We are pleased to participate in Microsoft’s launch of its business intelligence tools with enhanced capabilities that will empower leaders of communities and citizens around the world to create and share dynamic interactive reports, like the one we created below, in furtherance of data-driven governance and transparency.  We created this report to answer one important question at the heart of civic life: what matters most to the citizen of a community? To create it, we used public data from 34 countries that are members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).  As part of its activities, the OECD publishes a “Better Life Index”, which tracks and measures the metrics that are contributing to citizen well-being around the world in developed and emerging economies.

By creating a PowerBI® report with this data, we were able to render our own visualizations and compare emerging trends within several thematic areas to understand what is most important to citizens in the realms of education, housing, public participation, income, the environment, and others. We invite you to explore the dynamic report by clicking on its various tabs below: 

Dynamic reports like this harness the power of citizen data to provide a shared understanding of a community's strengths and needs, and can create a foundation for collaboration among city leaders, local organizations, and residents who want to improve conditions for citizens - core elements that are at the heart of our mission. The Civic Innovation Project was founded to advance a new paradigm of government innovation. We facilitate city-to-city learning in an online platform that couples access to innovative tools with educational resources and our reports around thematic issues of importance to civic life that address pressing and emerging government challenges. 

Including Microsoft PowerBI® in the resources we present to communities helps us empower and educate citizens and their leaders to work better with data and make transparency a daily part of governance. To support leaders who want to implement these emerging tools and resources for their communities, we provide access to the technology and an educational "roadmap" of tutorials and self-paced learning resources in our innovation gallery.   To learn how to create this for your community, and access the technology we used to create this dashboard, click here to view the innovation gallery for this demo.