Profiles in Civic Innovation is a series that will present innovative grass-roots efforts in technology and governance. It serves as a resource to those who want to remain on the forefront of change by aggregating the serial waves of innovation occurring across the country - in governance and technology. A preview of a few of the visionary leaders and institutions who will be featured in this series later this year appears below.  



Northeastern University
Mapping Human Stories across the Globe

NuLawMaps was created by academic leaders at Northeastern University to enhance quantitative data with human stories told through a variety of digital media.  Each map showcases the interdisciplinary research and advocacy work of Northeastern University faculty and students, on topics that range from human rights and the global economy, veteran status and gender trends across American cities, local government land rights, and others. This profile will capture the story of this initiative, provide a window into its leaders Dan Jackson and Jules Sievert and their team, as they describe the mapping tools they have created to carry out this visionary work and how any citizen or community can use it.  

mark kim Chief Financial Officer of D.C. Water
leading environmental innovation

The invisible infrastructure that delivers water and sewer services to citizens across America is critically important – and maintaining and financing the massive infrastructure that sustains that essential service takes greater creativity than ever. This profile will capture the story of one of America’s most innovative leaders – Mark Kim – an executive leader at the District of Columbia Water Authority who led the creation of a first of its kind $2.6 billion project that will ensure the integrity and functionality of water and sewer services for a one hundred year time horizon for the citizens of the District of Columbia.  

The West Coast Infrastructure Exchange
A Model of Bi-National Innovation to build communities 

The West Coast Infrastructure Exchange (WCX) is a unique entity that was created as a multi-state effort by government leaders in the states of Oregon, Washington, California and the province of British Columbia to undertake a coordinated approach to the process of designing, building, maintaining, and operating infrastructure projects that achieve safer, smarter, more cost-efficient communities. On the West Coast of the United States, state and local governments are facing a $1 trillion infrastructure investment gap during the next 30 years and this profile will discuss how the WCX presents a first of its kind approach to collaborative bi-national governance aimed at addressing that critical need.