Overview: This section would include a short synopsis of the topic being showcased in the PowerBI® demo that is featured.  For purposes of constructing this draft page, I embedded an interactive I-frame below using an existing Microsoft PowerBI® dashboard that appears on your company website as a "sample". This overview section would refer to the PowerBI® dashboard and explain why it is important to government, the real government challenge it addresses, and the issue it helps citizens understand about their community in 1-3 sentences.

Insights this Visualization Shows You: This section would state which government audience produces, uses, and works with the data in the PowerBI® dashboard and explains the data points and metrics that were selected, and what insights they show (i.e. homeless trends in counties in the northeast, etc.) related to the theme and content of the dashboard.

Create this for your Community: This section would include a product statement for users who want to adopt it, for example: this dashboard was created using Microsoft PowerBI®, an application with the potential to transform how you work with data that can be used within Excel 2013, or when downloaded as a stand-alone application. It facilitates the creation of dynamic visualizations that can inform data-driven decision-making by helping you unlock key insights on the data points that matter to you most. To learn how to create this dashboard and download the software application from Microsoft at no-cost, view the materials below.  Note: Because this page was created as an example for your review, the training materials menu below is provided as a sample, and no working links appear for the fact sheet or training video, as those resources would be developed for each dashboard when it is produced. Buttons with external links are properly linked to the noted resources (i.e. product video, etc.).

Data Source:  Would Be Listed Here